Poles apart: Bernie Lewis, a Metropolitan Police Fire Officer tells FIRE how a trip to Poland allowed him to gain a perspective of the country and fire risks contained there ...(Polish Trip)

IN OCTOBER 2004, I WAS INVITED by Convoy 2000 and the Karan (Catholic Church initiative by Pope John Paul) to visit Poland and carry out fire risk assessments in Warsaw, Sokolow, Gorno and Rzeszow.


On arrival in Warsaw I was taken to Grodzienski. Warsaw was heavily bombed in the war and many of the buildings were destroyed or badly damaged; under communist rule these buildings were neglected.

Karan occupies one of these buildings as an ex-drug rehabilitation centre caring for 20 residents and as a refuge for young families that are in poverty.

The building is very old and consists of four floors and a basement with a single unprotected staircase, all of the floors are made of timber. …

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