Reassurance and resilience in the age of uncertainty: in an exclusive report in this month's issue, London firefighters and control staff give their views on the July 7 bombings as tributes continue to come pouring in from around the world. FIRE now asks, are the bombings a precursor of things to come?(Viewpoint)

As media attention switches to the global manhunt for the planners and collaborators of the botched July 21 bombings, this issue features the views of frontline responders, control and support staff and principal officers. With the kind permission of London Fire Brigade, we have produced a timeline of the operational response and an assessment of the co-ordinated response from within the brigade and with police, paramedics and other agencies.

It is a tribute to all those involved that the understated professionalism and dedication to helping casualties pervades all else, helping outweigh the horror and magnitude.

Future Fear

What concerns our reporter (see pg 24), is possible escalation in scale and frequency. …

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