Seamless mobility: delivering mission critical information at the fingertips of firefighters using communications technology.(Product guide)

During any incident response, information needs to be delivered to the person or place where decisions are being made. It is also critical that officers and their control rooms can immediately and securely access and exchange the information they need, whether it is by voice, text or sending images.

The communications technology that provides this access needs to be highly reliable, secure and capable of handling large amounts of data quickly. It also needs to seamlessly operate across different environments and technologies, providing a continuity of experience across all networking technologies, linking fire crews to mission critical information, en-route to and at the incidents themselves, so they are best equipped to deal with the "shout".

It is also important that responders do not need to worry about what communications technology is being used to get the information they need--it should just happen automatically. Motorola believes this is the essence of seamless mobility. Information to be accessed or exchanged can range from complex structural maps and hazardous material information to a live image of an incident site to enhance the insight of command and control teams when building operational strategies. …

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