Gloucestershire's control centre is 'model for joint working': the Audit Commission has thrown a spanner in the works with the release of its independent, post evaluation report for the Gloucestershire TriService Emergency Centre (GTEC), which details how collaborative working has been achieved to a 'very high standard' and should be viewed as a 'model for joint working'.(TriService)

THE AUDIT COMMISSION concluded in its report on Gloucestershire's TriService Emergency Centre that, 'the joint headquarters building and control centre, its resilience, working conditions and joint working procedures have all been achieved to a very high standard'.

The report was also particularly impressed with the introduction of a number of joint initiatives aimed at improving public safety and reducing costs, and the speed at which they have reached fruition.

As a requirement of the original 'Invest to Save' funding bid, an independent post implementation evaluation of the project had to be undertaken. The Audit Commission held interviews with key personnel from each of the services, as well as extensively reviewing project documentation in order to assist with their evaluation. …

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