7/7 terror conference shocker: the IFE Oxfordshire Group's one-day conference, Future Shock--Next Dimension, occurred on the same day as the London bomb blasts, providing a timely reminder of the need to be forearmed for the myriad threats facing us.(Seminar Report)

IF STAGING A TERRORISM conference on July 7--opening literally as the last of the London bombs exploded--held a dark irony, then the first presentation was indeed 'shocking' in its timing. 'The Importance of Perspective' was the theme of Dr Simon Bennett's paper, and would have been controversial whenever delivered, given the delegate profile.

The 'Big Question'

Dr Bennett did make two keen observations that have merited much discussion in recent months: the reality of risk of major terrorist attack against the 'fear' factor theory of national and international politics, framed by the 'Big Question'--how can we secure the greatest good for the greatest number of Britons? Despite the timing, the question(s) remains pertinent. He framed it as such:

Q: What is the purpose of emergency services provision (ie tax revenue spent on NHS/fire/police/ ambulance etc)?

A: Achieve the greatest good for the greatest number at reasonable cost.

Q: How do we do this? …

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