Perverse incentive problem with Fire Safety Order: with the impending Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety), keynote speakers at the Fire Extinguishing Trades Association AGM addressed concerns on application, particularly in relation to IRMPs.(Seminar Report)

SPEAKING AT THIS YEAR'S AGM at the Savoy, FETA Chair Suzanne Donovan stressed the importance of members communicating fire safety requirements. "I cannot think of another industry which so single-mindedly seeks out the person responsible for fire safety in every workplace in the UK. Every day our service engineers are with the very people whom the ODPM and Scottish Executive need to embrace the culture of fire risk assessment.

"Every day our engineers are refilling the extinguishers which have been used to fight a small fire ... Our survey estimated there may be as many as 90,000 such workplace fires every year. These are 90,000 golden opportunities for our engineers to remind their customers about the benefits of fire risk assessment and ask them to think about how that small fire might have been prevented."

Ms Donovan stressed that FETA members are committed to delivering a message consistent with other stakeholders so the same risk assessment message is delivered. …

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