Committed to kicking out the racists.(Zero tolerance)

The FBU's Black and Ethnic Minority Members (B&EMM) are committed to a zero tolerance approach towards the far right. The B&EMM Chair argues that membership of groups such as the BNP is at odds with a community service which purports to value diversity. She claims that for evil to prosper all that it takes is for good people to do nothing and asserts: "We will not stand idly by and do nothing"

IN JULY 2004 CHIEF CONSTABLES formally adopted a policy prohibiting any of their officers or staff from becoming members of the BNP. They state that they are committed to 'full compliance' with the duty to promote race equality established in the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000.

This prohibition means that no member of the police service, whether police officer or police staff, may be a member of an organisation whose 'constitution, aims, objectives or pronouncements contradict the general duty to promote race equality'.

In 2001 the Prison Service directed all staff to sign a declaration before they join that they are not a member of any group or organisation which promotes racism. …

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