Rumbles in the (urban) jungle.(Violence)

There was a moment in the mid 1980s when today's generation of firefighters realised that things would never be the same again. Coming under attack by a rioting crowd at Broadwater farm, firefighters were saved only by the actions of a Metropolitan police officer. He had not intervened, it may have been a firefighter that was killed and not PC Blakelock.


Broadwater, violence against firefighters is once more surfacing in the UK, whether because of the premeditated "happy slapping" or the reaction to crews extinguishing deliberately set fires in cars and bonfires. Thanks to the efforts of the many fire industry bodies including the FBU and CFOA, no one can be in any doubt of the exponential increase in violence and the effect it is having on what once was seen as a non-partisan and protective community organisation.

'No-Go' Areas

Traditionally seen as having the "right to roam" throughout estates regarded by some police services as "no go" areas, firefighters are now attending incidents in some areas not knowing if they are being called to a genuine emergency or being set up for another assault. …

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