June 1930: 75.(Looking Back)

* The retirement b announced of Chief James Mumby MIFireE, the Chief Officer of Nottingham City Fire Brigade. Mr Mumby retires after 37 years service. In his farewell address to brigade members he said: "I would have you watch particularly the new heavy oil engines, which must play an increasingly important part in both firefighting and transport. Continue to study chemistry carefully, the day is coming when water will not be regarded as the main agent for extinguishing fire."

* The Bromley Times has reported the fact that damage at the last 14 fires in the town amounted to under 2,000 [pounds sterling]. The editorial notes '... probably none of the people who had fires at their premises will ever object to paying that portion of rates which goes to maintain the fire brigade, they are in a position to realise that an efficient fire brigade is a first class form of insurance'. …

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