Training for the top: in this scathing attack on training centre instructors B&EMM argues that if the service is to move forward a 'ruthless cull' and major investment in the right trainers is required.(Training Standards: Exclusive)

THE HUMAN RESOURCE IS THE most important element of every fire and rescue service and it is only right that proper investment is made in their development. That ethos is being reflected in the principles of the Integrated Personal Development System.

The culture of the Service, how that human element interacts and the net sum of behaviour, has also been the topic of much debate and a commitment has been pledged to progressing and developing more acceptable working environments.

The first phase of that investment in the development of the skills and attitudes of the operational workforce begins at the economically placed training centres across the UK. It is within these institutions that the values and attitudes of organisation are sculptured; where trainees acquire the behaviours that fashion their future and that of the Service.

Those of you of a certain length of service will still remember your recruit instructor. You may have questioned some of the things he would have said or done; that would have been dependent on your own level of maturity, but in the main you would have done as he said and behaved as he wanted. …

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