Everything's got a moral, if you can only find it. Alice in Wonderland, no less, is a good start to studying last month's general election results.

At Westminster most parties felt they had failed to achieve their aims. Except. that is, for George Galloway and Ian Paisley, who were crowing to the skies [and Washington, no less, for the former during his recent jaunt--Ed].

Labour returned with the Lowest percentage vote for any government since our current Parliamentary system began (1,832). The Tories still need a massive 10 per cent swing to secure any working majority next time (2009?) and with no Messiah in sight.

Lib-Dems stand second to Labour in more than 100 seats but, under our odd electoral system, needed nearly 100,000 votes for every one of their MPs, whereas Labour required only 27,000. …

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