Much more than a talking shop ... with the recent creation of FIRESA--an organisation which aims to represent the industry voice on issues of common interest, linking suppliers with fire and rescue practitioners, chair of the FIRESA council David Chisnall provides some answers.(FIRESA Interview)(Interview)

Q. How did FIRESA arise?

A. The ABFT wrote to many organisations, regarding the need for a representative trade body in October of last year. The first meeting was held in London under the chairmanship of London Commissioner Ken Knight. I believe there were 14 interested parties at that time.

I have to say that when I was given the post as chair of the steering committee, I have never then or since seen such enthusiasm or support for an idea in my 33 years of being associated with the Fire Service.

Q. How did you become chairman and who are the members of FIRESA?

A. The project arose from the time of the introduction of the National Procurement Strategy. Many of the people at our first meeting knew each other and I offered my services to act as chair of the steering committee. Subsequently I have been voted chair of the FIRESA council for a period of one year. …

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