Don't believe the hype: following weeks of electioneering, campaigning, polls and vitriol, the General Election has ground to a halt and life can go back to normal. That is, unless you decide to conduct your own opinion poll, just to tick everybody off ...(Viewpoint)

By the time you read this the General Public will have decided the outcome of the General Election and the Membership of the Fire Brigades Union will have decided its General Secretary. Momentous stuff. Or mind numbing, depending on your sensitivity.

Election Hangover

Having a keen sense of tivity FIRE is moved and numbed at once and so entered into the spirit of events. That is, we conducted an opinion poll.

On going to press opinion polls were all over the place, as is their want--one indicating a nine point advantage to Labour, another just two points. One suggested a 250 seat majority if Brown were leading the party, another defeat. Go fathom.

The one figure of any credibility pointed to a 60 seat Labour majority--according to the bookies. …

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