February 1955.(Looking Back)


* FIRE magazine cost 1s.6d (7.5p) with annual subscription 20s (1 [pounds sterling]).

* The 5,570 tonne oil tanker Olav Ringdal was recently split amidships by an explosion of petrol vapour. The incident happened at Queens Dock, Swansea. Three crew members were killed and 12 severely injured. The explosion ripped a hole in the vessel below the water line. The first call was received by Swansea Fire Brigade at 0440. At the height of firefighting the incident was being commanded by CFO W F Redman of Swansea Fire Brigade. Ten firefighting jets were in use, one of which was from the monitor of the fire tug Nirumand. At 0900 CFO Redman decided that the outbreak was under control. …

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