New years honours list.(PEOPLE PROFILE)

OBE: Mr S F Seaber, Chief Fire Officer, Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service; Mr J Williams, Firemaster, Grampian Fire and Rescue Service MBE: Mr G J Cook, Station Officer, Fire Service in Wick, Caithness; Mr J W Hockley, Secretary, National Association of Retired Firefighter; Mr F Mackenzie, Volunteer Leader, Strathclyde Fire Brigade; Mr E J Morris, Public Relations Officer, Cheshire Fire Service QFSM: Mr R J Dobson, Assistant Commissioner, London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority; Mr C H Horton, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Devon Fire and Rescue Service; Mr M A Howell, Chief Fire Officer, Cornwall County Fire Brigade; Mr M J Hurren, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service; Mr G J Maltby, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service; Mr D O'Donnell, Deputy Firemaster, Fife Fire and Rescue Service; Mr B P Sweeney, Firemaster, Strathclyde Fire Brigade; Mr S C Torrie, Deputy Firemaster, Lothian and Borders Fire Brigade. …

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