New passive fire barrier product.(Product guide)

Chance & Hunt has introduced Ceepree[TM] alongside its innovative range of intumescent additives. Ceepree is a passive fire barrier technology that can break the fire cycle by forming a strong glass-like char over the surface of the host material. This prevents repeat ignition and reduces smoke and fume production by between 40 to 60 per cent. The char continues to protect at temperatures of over 1,200[degrees]C.

Ceepree is very different to other fire prevention technology because of its unique combination of actions, says the manufacturer. Firstly, it has a melt, flow and set mechanism that stifles the flame. It also absorbs the heat of the burn and can retain the structural integrity of the host material However, Ceepree will not stop the initial burn, and is therefore intended for use in combination with other flame retardant materials or to provide a highly resilient barrier to fire. …

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