Leadership development--its evolution and measurement: analysing the various leadership models, the author argues that leaders achieve much more if properly developed and if they do learn, develop and apply new skills, this will help an organisation deliver more effectively. The key, he suggests, is adoption of the Full Range Leadership model.(Leadership)

MANY OF US HAVE READ ABOUT, listened to and participated in the leadership development debate within industry. It seems though that the key question of getting value from leadership development remains: 'How do we successfully develop individuals with leadership potential to fulfill their promise and impact positively on the business performance?'

There will always be the natural leaders who have been brought up in a leadership environment and almost have it in the blood. In contrast there are many more of us reliant on experience and development before we can blossom as leaders. It is often the case that the best leaders are not identified early on, but that a particular event, a motivational speech or an opportunity to lead may have a lasting impact. As business leaders we should provide that opportunity and environment where personal growth is encouraged and rewarded. This paper argues that art types of leaders achieve much more if properly developed.

From whatever 'leadership baseline' we all emerge there is great potential to do more of what we do well, less of what we do not and create the chance to learn, develop and apply new skills. If properly atigned and measured any and all these will help an organisation to deliver more effectively.

Trait Leadership

As confidence is derived from knowledge and the application of proven theories and models it is important to understand how leadership development has evolved. …

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