Vital role of quality assured fire doors: most of the time, a fire door is just like any other door. But if fire breaks out, it is more than a piece of wood in a hole to stop the draught--it performs a vital and specific task by burning at a particular rate to act as a barrier to hold back the spread of the blaze.(Fire Doors)

A fire door is much more than the door leaf. The door flame, the hinges, the ironmongery, the glass in any vision panels and the seals must all be selected to ensure that the door design is properly fire resistant and all the components must work when used in combination. Fire doors are tested as complete, functioning assemblies, never as single door leaves in isolation.

The British Woodworking Federation has realised that there is an astonishing lack of awareness and understanding of fire doors and how they work, even amongst those who have dealt with and specified them for many years. Most people responsible for buying, installing or checking fire doors do not know that if the wrong components are used, the door cannot be relied upon. …

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