Cheshire media re-evaluated: engaging positively and building relationships with the media assists us in being far closer to our communities. A systematic approach and understanding of what we want to achieve in our dealings with the media gives us purpose and direction, argues Cheshire's Head of Communications.(Media Monitoring)

The potential through effective benchmarking and guiding of the messages is enormous. Whilst we accept these results are good and a considerable improvement over 1999, we know and will put steps in place which will show significant improvements.


Media evaluation allows an organisation to put a value on coverage. Tile period for this survey was January to December 2003. It was within this period that the Fire Service experienced an industrial dispute that had a considerable impact on negative media generated. Full details of this are contained in this report.

Our first survey was conducted in 1999 when we generated a value of 650,220 [pounds sterling] based on 2,084 articles. This was based on the average cost of a full page advertising in Cheshire's newspapers being 2,400 [pounds sterling]. This survey included radio coverage.

Because of the cost of maintaining radio coverage, the Community Relations Department took the decision not to continue with this service. Therefore, radio coverage is not included in the 2003 survey.

The 2003 survey was calculated on a higher advertising value of 3,000 [pounds sterling] per page, following a survey of advertising costs in the editorial sections of the Cheshire Press. …

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