Specialist drainage and sludge pumps.(Special Services)

Grindex, manufacturer of electrical submersible drainage and sludge pumps has designed a series of pumps for rescue work. Maximum pumping power in relation to weight, ease of handling and high reliability characterise the pumps, claim Grindex

Swedish manufacturer Grindex focussed on the requirements of rescue agencies when designing the new series of pumps. In particular, Grindex ensured the pumps are light and compact to allow them to be carried through small spaces, while retaining sufficient pumping power and reliability.

The smallest drainage pump in the range--Resq-One--weights only 13.5kg and the smallest sludge pump--Resq-Solo--weighs 15kg. "The difference between sludge pump and a drainage pump is that the sludge is drawn into the sludge pump through a vortex created by the impeller and is pumped out without passing through the impeller, whereas in the drainage pump the water passes through the impeller," explained Grindex Marketing Manager Gunnar Benselfelt. …

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