Focus on Jubilee: Jubilee Therapy, Centre is the Fire Services National Benevolent Fund's state-of-the-art therapy and rehabilitation centre.

Set within the beautiful countryside of Cumbria, the centre provides specialist therapy treatment to serving and retired Fire Service personnel and their dependants, as they recover from injury, illness, surgery or, in some instances, stress.

The centre is run by a dedicated team of professionals, and a range of traditional, and a complementary treatments are offered to all clients staying at the centre. These treatments may include exercise therapy, physiotherapy, reflexology and aromatherapy massage. In this article, we aim to answer a few of the common questions which often arise about the centre, and we meet a few of the latest beneficiaries we've helped.

Everything you always wanted to know about Jubilee, but were afraid to ask ...

Where is the centre?

Jubilee is situated on the picturesque 10-acre site of Eamont Park, near the local market town of Penrith, and is easily accessible from the M6 or nearby train station.

Who is eligible to visit the centre?

If you are a serving member of the Fire Services. or indeed retired having previously served for at least five years, you are potentially eligible. Also, if you are a dependant, spouse, widow or widower of the above categories, you will also most probably be eligible. The criteria set is that the clinical team at Jubilee agree that their intervention will improve your quality of life and that a medical declaration from your GP does not contra-indicate the intervention.

So it's not just firefighters who are injured on duty who visit the centre?

No, not at all. Although of course many of the clients at the centre are firefighters, the centre hosts just as many clients who work in areas such as control rooms, and who might be carrying an injury which wasn't acquired from being injured at work. …

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