Proud of our Service, proud of our people, proud of our role and proud of our future.(Comment)

Few would argue that in recent weeks a dark cloud has lifted from our skyline. The resolution of the protracted and damaging industrial dispute provides for the first time a new climate that enables the Service to now embrace modernisation in a different and altogether invigorated environment. Now, with our staff properly rewarded, the UK Fire and Rescue Service can move onto a positive agenda, on the front foot, up for the challenges ahead, and aspiring to nothing less than public service excellence

There is of course a long journey ahead and much to do. The recent settlement of the pay dispute marks only the beginning of a new and early chapter in the modernising of the Fire and Rescue Services. The main characteristic of this next chapter will be a Service not submitting to change imposed on it, but rather, implementing and driving improvements from within. …

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