Inquiry call into "infamous moratorium" disgrace.(View)

FIRE applauds the ODPM for moving the procurement strategy forward and providing, finally, a comprehensive consultation forum. However, the terrible failure of communications over the past ten months is a government issue that can and will not be brushed aside. While the Head of Fire Service Effectiveness was willing to take the blame, FIRE insists on a ministerial explanation for a chronic breakdown that has cost the sector dearly

You can not keep a hugely important public sector supply industry out in the cold for ten months and expect there to be no consequence. While FIRE is not looking for scapegoats--rather more simply, a ministerial explanation--the tone of response from the centre was totally unacceptable.

Addressing delegates at the procurement workshop at the Fire Show on September 8 (see pg 28), the Head of Effectiveness claimed: "There is nothing I can do up until now about not consulting industry, but let's move on. …

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