'Six powers' for collapse rescue: the Training Manager, National Academy for Professional Training, Doha, Qatar reviews the interactive 'six powers' CD produced by one of the world leaders in international USAR development, DFmr Geoff Williams.(USAR Review)

The 6 Powers of Extremely Effective Collapse Rescue is an exceptionally researched and well written theory on how emergency services and crisis management teams should be reassessing their capabilities for when dealing with, a major or catastrophic structural collapse incident.

The author cleverly uses the term 'power' in the sense of:

* Ability to do or act. Vigour, energy, as more (p) to your elbow!

* Formula of encouragement or approval, etc.

In simple terms, understanding these 'powers' of approach, help a collapse rescue team (or individual) become better equipped to deal with these types of dangerous incidents.

On a personal note, this dynamic CD is designed around the work of one of the world leaders of international urban search and rescue development, Geoff Williams, Deputy Firemaster of Central Scotland Fire Brigade and President of the International Emergency Technical Rescue Institute (iETRI). …

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