High performance water mist: a steam engine, originally designed as an underwater jet engine has been found to have an outstanding ability for producing water mist. Recent tests on a prototype unit showed the unit performing well and, if taken into production, the engine would be refined to further improve its performance.(Watermist)

Testing of the Pursuit Dynamics PDX water mist system showed that the water droplets it produces are within the sub-40 micron range, which has been experimentally shown to be near 'gas-like' and more effective than Halon systems in combating Class A and B fires. Moreover, the misting device demonstrated an effective range of 35m on the horizontal at a flow range of 10-30 LPM, which could be widened with minor design changes. The system also features the ability to entrain other fluids such as chemical agents, or additional water into the flow.

What is truly unique about Pursuit Dynamic's water-mist cloud is the PDX unit, which is at the core of the system. This patented device produces a supersonic shock-wave as steam or air/nitrogen is directed through an annular channel, which in turn creates exit velocities at the nozzle to a measured 1,500 metres per second! …

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