Meeting the needs of a multi-faith community.(Multi-Faith Seminar)

Understanding Buddhism and Hinduism: Meeting the Needs of a Multi-Faith Community was the second conference organised by the Chief Fire Officers Association, helping the Fire Service to better understand the communities it serves. Like the first event it proved a stimulating exercise that moved all delegates and provided a glimpse of the understanding required to better serve all areas of society

Following the ground-breaking success of the first multi-faith seminar held in Birmingham 18 months ago which concentrated on the Islam and Sikh religions, the second seminar provided rare insight into the Buddhist and Hindu faiths.

The two-day event took place at the Wembley Plaza hotel London, and included visits to a Buddhist and Hindu temple and like the first conference, provided a fascinating and valuable insight into vital parts of the community The event was well attended with most brigades represented; however, the speakers were preaching to the converted and if such seminars are to be really effective they must be rolled out throughout the UK so every Fire Service employee has the opportunity to attend. …

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