There may be troubles ahead: business continuity and disaster recovery are hot topics in business right now, but the author--a Government and Civil Solutions Business Manager--argues that getting the approach right is as critical as the choice of technology.(Communications And It)

Hollywood revels in destruction. Not a year goes by without another disaster, whether natural or man made, taking centre stage on the silver screen, We get to cheer on the plucky hero fighting against the odds and the special effects teams go to town reducing familiar landmarks to dust.

Disaster in the real world is a very serious business concern, while an event such as the September 11 attacks on New York in 2001 is unusual in terms of scale, it did focus the minds of business on the need to reassess the reliability of tire communications network in a disaster situation, The longer a system is down, the greater the cost to a company, so the popularity of establishing a continuity of business has proliferated in the last year: Unfortunately for some, rather than rectifying their problems, the current approach to business continuity has muddied the waters further.


In the movies if you fall in the water you can pretty much guarantee that the sharks will soon turn up. For any business seeking to find a solution to its network continuity and implementing a disaster recovery plan you can pretty much guarantee that another kind of shark will soon turn up. If doubling up on and dramatically expanding power supplies, equipment and budget all sound familiar then it is not safe to go in the water. …

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