All new Chief Officer post ushers in modern era.(Recruitment)

The revision to the Appointment and Promotion Regulations on March 25, 2004 presented Hampshire with a new challenges as this coincided with the selection process already underway for the post of Chief Fire Officer. A conscious decision was made by Hampshire Fire Authority members forming the recruitment panel to embrace this change and fully explore the new opportunities now offered.

The most refreshing aspect of this approach for us was the flexibility we were now given to rely on good employment practice rather than the previous confines of rank structure and Fire Service qualifications in determining our recruitment strategy. Clearly, the opening of opportunities to people outside the UK Fire Service demonstrated a genuine commitment to equality and facilitated the opportunity to gain a greater diversity of skills and experiences within our workforce.

The priority for the panel was to achieve consensus regarding what the Service was seeking from this key appointment. The critical focus here was strong leadership and co-ordination to bring about radical change which would impact on every area of our organisation and drive through the government's modernisation agenda. This was particularly relevant during a time of unsettled industrial relations and uncertainty at a national level.


In designing our selection process, the panel was clear that a successful candidate would have to demonstrate a satisfactory level in all the PQAs. …

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