Serbian fire aid success.(Overseas Aid)

The Serbia Fire Aid Project fulfilled its first mission in May 2004 to deliver a fire appliance, ancillary equipment and a consignment of firefighting clothing to this financially impoverished region of the Balkans. This successfully culminates the many months of planning and fund raising by a team of seven officers from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service

From my first visit in 1993 to Indjija in the Vojvodina region of Serbia where I made contact with the local fire service, the 'Vatrogasno Drustvo', I have witnessed the steady decline of firefighting resources to a point where safety of both the firefighters and the local population became a real concern.

During the Balkan conflict of the early 90s and the imposition of sanctions against Serbia, the funding of the Service had declined to a very low state, but the military action by NATO in 1999 further strained provision of firefighting resources to their limit. …

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