25 years ago: May 1978.

* Cumbria crews turned up at a garden shed to find pungent smoke seeping out around the door, being told that there was an LPG cylinder and an assortment of chemicals involved. Checking with his son, 400 miles away in Sussex University, the owner was able to confirm 792 chemicals and that yellow phosphorus was believed to have been the culprit. Some shed!

* Hugh Moran replaced Fmr Morrison in Central Area, CFO McCoy retired from South Yorkshire having been CFO of Leicester City previously and in East Sussex Jeremy Beech was appointed deputy SSO with the rank of DO. In London, ADO Bert Packer retired, long known to training school recruits at Southwark.

* A delayed call to Waring and Gillow's in Reading became a 15 pumper. …

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