Kent's animal rescue team cuts trauma and saves lives; rescuing large animals from ponds, rivers and mud is often traumatic for cows or horses, as well as being hazardous for firefighters. In Kent the solution has been to combine an all-terrain Mercedes-Benz Unimog with a crane.(Incident Report)

Instead of manually hauling animals head-first out of gullies and water-filled ditches, the specially trained team of animal rescuers based in Faversham is able to winch the animal gently aloft and away from the danger area. The Unimog U400 with Hiab crane provides the ideal solution. Not only can it use its all-terrain ability to travel right to the scene of the incident, but it is fast on-road speeds allow the fire service to attend accidents whetever they happen in the county--and even much further afield.

SubO Dan Upton says that the Unimog has proved invaluable in rescuing horses--which are often dearly loved family pets--and cows, which are' valuable sources of income for farmers. …

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