ITC--virtual reality fire training.

ITC, or Innovative Training Concept is FSE's new training product that allows flexible fire extinguisher training using the latest Virtual Reality Fire Simulator--meeting your legal requirements.

The ITC trailer is brought to your site and a two-hour training session includes:

* FETA based theoretical PowerPoint Presentation

* Computer based questionnaire

* Hands on virtual fire extinguishing session

Each trainee gets to use a variety of fire extinguishers (dry powder, CO2, water and foam) in simulated fire scenarios.

Each scenario is programmed to react to the trainee's actions. The advantages over conventional fire extinguisher training are:

* Innovative and interactive

* Cost effective

* Convenient--carried out at your site

* Efficient--your employees need only two hours away from work

* Safe--no fire hazard

* Environmentally friendly--no fumes or smoke

* Can be carried out in any weather

* Meets your legal requirements

* Full certification and documentation issued

* Fun--the trainees enjoy the training

The simulator has a variety of scenarios to suit all customers (office, factory, car fires etc). …

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