Tank volume monitoring gauges.

The tank volume monitoring gauges are available for use with both water and foam, each with distinctive colour and styling so that an operator can distinguish between the two easily. Mini-displays for remote in-cab mounting are similarly colour coded. A single tank volume monitoring display can drive an unlimited number of remote slave units (the same size as a master display) as well as mini displays.

For remote warning, an optional large light driver is available with current draw capability of up to five amps per light. The sensor is an easy to install pressure transducer.

The dynamic performance features are:

* Highly visible wide viewing 180[degrees] lens;

* Ultra-brite LEDs display exact water/foam remaining in tank;

* Flashing warning when actual volume is below 25 per cent;

* Down-chasing LEDs alert operator when tank is almost empty;

* Remote audio and visual warning available;

* Unit self calibrates to any size/shape tank regardless of dimensions;

* Uses pressure sensor, no tank probe to size & maintain;

* Self diagnostic capabilities standard;

* Miniature cab display and remote display driver available;

* Rugged waterproof cast aluminium housing; and

* Easy to operate and install. …

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