Portacaf is ticking all the boxes: Gary McDowall comments on the Portacaf 650 following six months of foam concentrates.

Having been in the firefighting chemical business for more than 17 years, I have seen many innovative ways of delivering firefighting chemicals to a fire. It has always been a very important part of my business to fully appreciate the capability of a delivery system, after all measuring the firefighting performance of a chemical such as foam or dry powder can only take place when it is applied to a fire.

During that time I have experienced the good, the bad and the plain ugly when it comes to applying chemicals, but very rarely a piece of equipment comes along that makes one sit up and pay attention. The Portacaf is one such case. The last time I felt that a single piece of equipment would make a significant change to industry thinking, was the dual dry powder and foam nozzle developed in the USA. This technology radically changed thinking regarding multi-chemical application. That was nearly eight years ago when I first watched it being used during a visit to the USA and it is now used extensively through out the world. Having tested the Portacaf unit, I am convinced it will have a similar impact, this time for very different reasons. …

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