'Too many gaffes': a new e-mail missive from the Downing Street spin machine orders less emphasis on "headline grabbing initiatives". They can start with the Fire and Rescue Service.(Comment)

In a recent e-mail leaked to The Mirror there are signs that Downing Street has belatedly worked out that spin is no replacement for substance. The Mirror interprets the need for the e-mail as Tony Blair believing: 'there have been too many gaffes because new initiatives have not been thought through.' The e-mail itself (according to The Mirror) reads: 'Too often change has been initiated in ignorance of risks and what might be done to deal with them.'

Everyone in the Fire Service should take note and quote it back to the ODPM in all correspondence. Too much of the change agenda in the Fire Service has been built on the sands of spin and not enough on the substance of the daily experiences of those who work in the Service. …

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