Ways forward in water rescue? A key developer of the WaterSafe 2004 starts the first in a series of articles on the possible future dimensions for water rescue techniques, working practices and developments on the use of new equipment leading up to the event. First up is high-powered personal watercraft.(Watersafe)

In future articles Paul O'Sullivan from Rescue 3 (UK), for example, will give an insight from a training provider's perspective on new equipment and the resultant impact on techniques needed for the future.

We start here with a new to the UK rescue board (which will have its own workshops) and progress through that 'wild and exciting' only lately-tamed image of high-powered personal watercraft, to the challenging and turbulent techniques of using powered vessels in rough water fur rescue work.

Notably, Paul and his team are designing a one-day Personal Water Craft (PW/PWC)--Rescues workshop for WaterSafe 2004, which will show and train participants in PWC basic handling and rescues that can be carried out using the PWC. …

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