Meeting demand: as reported in the last issue, one of the two main messages the FSNBF intends to focus on in the next twelve months is the building of our brand new therapy centre and raising the funds for it.

The decision to invest in the provision of a new therapy centre in the South West, to work alongside Jubilee Therapy Centre in Penrith, was born from the research the Board of Trustees commissioned last year. The key point to emerge as a result was that not all of our beneficiaries were able to make use of our rehabilitation and therapy services due to the location of Jubilee Therapy Centre in Cumbria.

Several scenarios were investigated and discussed at length, however, the main development which was felt to combat this gap in our service provision was discovered, as a result of time in-depth research conducted, to be the creation of a new therapy centre in another part of the UK more easily accessible to those beneficiaries presently living or working at too great a distance from Penrith. …

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