Formed in fire.

Britain's Fire Services at War has recently been launched and covers the period from the late 1930s to the formation of the National Fire Service during World War II. Britain's Fire Services at War reflects our social history of the people and includes footage of film from the time, re-enactments and recollections people who served at the time. "It is," says technical advisor DCFO Alan House, "an interesting insight into an overlooked aspect of the 'Home Front' and illustrates why Prime Minister Winston Churchill described the firefighters as 'The Fourth Arm' alongside the army, navy and air force, in the defence of the country, The film also shows the origins of many of the practices and procedures of today's fire and rescue services which stemmed from the wartime experience,"

The film also has the remarkable story of The Corps of Canadian Firefighters who same over in 1942 to help our crews. …

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