Meeting fire protection requirements: following the development and launch (in 2002) of SprayFilm WB2 to provide fire protection on structural steel beams and columns, Alfreton based passive fire protection material manufacturer Cafco International has now introduced Cafco SprayFilm WB3.(Building Fire Protection)

Like WB2, SprayFilm WB3 is a water-based intumescent paint, based upon polyvinyl acetate resins and fillers, that is able to provide structural steel fire resistance for up to 90 minutes. SprayFilm WB3, however, has been specifically designed and tested for the protection of hollow steel sections that are usually exposed to view. It is believed that the new coating offers the most comprehensive and competitive loadings of any water based intumescent coating.

SprayFilm WB3 is preferably spray applied with airless paint equipment for speed and quality of finish, but brush and roller application is also possible. It is applied directly to the contour of primed hollow sections. …

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