Driving data protection forward: Peter Fox, Managing Director of AirSense Technology Ltd, considers the challenges involved in protecting computer rooms and offers some solutions.(Building Fire Protection)

Despite our best attempts to protect them, computers are under continual attack. If it is not a virus clogging the operating system, it is dust clogging the hardware. Hackers, spare and spyware are all doing their best to get past our increasingly sophisticated firewalls and virus defences. It can seem as though every advance made by technology to protect our systems seems to be matched by a new breach of the fortifications, yet we still rely on computers to store our information, process our details, and relay our data We may employ the best antivirus precautions and install the most protective of firewalls, but our computer rooms are still vulnerable to a threat that will do more than wipe records or admit hackers. Fire, and the damage left Item putting that fire out, can cause extensive, expensive and long-term downtime. Computer rooms, intelligently protected from virtual attacks, need equally intelligent solutions to the physical possibilities of fire.

A fire in a computer room poses a number of threats to an organisation. As well as the risk to staff, there is the inevitable loss of time, money and whatever data the computers held. The impact may not be felt solely within one company. Websites may be lost, applications may not be processed, and important emails, documents and images may not reach their destinations. …

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