New recruits for new times: South Wales Fire and Rescue Service has adopted new methods of training recruit firefighters in order to train recruits for the role of a modern firefighter and meet the requirements of IPDS.(Recruit Training)

In August 2003 South Wales Fire and Rescue SerVice set about revisiting its approach to recruit training, with a view to developing an influx of individuals who possessed the skills and attitudes required for the future of the organisation. This would complement the new and effective assessment centre style selection procedure. The first step in this process was to scrutinise the existing recruit training course, thus developing an understanding of the key reasons for change.


The most fundamental change within this sector has been the role of the firefighter "Shaw's description of the firefighter, which may still have been relevant in the 1960s is now out Of date" (APU, 2003). It was evident that such a huge change in role had not been met with a shift in the content and culture of the Initial Training Course. The swing from intervention to prevention, as advocated in Bridging the Gap, was not mirrored with a change in individual skill sets.

The overriding emphasis of the course was directed towards discipline and militaristic practices, both of which could be deemed as detrimental to the learning environment. …

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