The aluminium option: as the number of flood incidents continue to increase Thanetcraft has come up with the urban flood rescue punt, an aluminium boat which the author contends offers added safety, cost savings, durability and stability for users.(Water Rescue)

Often, when flooding occurs, the rescue services have to commandeer any available craft however unsuitable they may be, such as inflatables and round bilged rowing boats which lack the stability of flat bottom craft.

The operational philosophy being that in for example a flooded street when carrying people, the punt will always be capable of being moved, even when the waters are shallow and depths uneven. Communities around the country seem to be focusing more and more on the potential affect of local flooding following the seeming trends of significant changes in our climate; we are trying to contribute to the alleviation of some of the difficulties.

In North America, Australia and New Zealand over two thirds of the recreational market uses aluminium extensively for craft up to around eight metres. …

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