Extinguishing the threat of fire in historic buildings: historic buildings have always presented a particular challenge to those faced with protecting them from fire. Due to the particular significance of heritage buildings, specifiers of fire detection systems must have complete confidence in their choice of product and system design.(Fire Safety)

Historic buildings are particularly vulnerable to fire, not least because of the fragility of the buildings, but also there is a strong likelihood that the premises may be opened up as a tourist attraction. It may then contain large, open display areas, irreplaceable or high value exhibits, as well as large numbers of visitors. The nature of the exhibits (old, fragile, canvas, etc) sometimes precludes the use of many extinguishing mediums, such as gaseous discharges of even sprinklers, and may provide a healthy supply of additional combustible material to speed and intensify the spread of fire.

Any fire management planning must be based around a combination of the following considerations:

* Use of legislation as a project management tool;

* Correct choice of technology to provide reliable, early detection;

* Elimination of false and unwanted alarms without dilution of system performance;

* Correct application of devices and design; and,

* Ongoing service programme to ensure optimum performance is maintained. …

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