Fire Service organisational change--too hot to handle? In the current climate of change, a Shropshire officer suggests change management structures and practices that may help in implementing the raft of changes implicit in the modernisation agenda, in the first of a two-part article.(Organisational Change)

... men[sic] are won over by the present far more than by the past; and when they decide that what is being done here and now is good, they content themselves with that and do not go looking for anything else (1)

The Fire and Rescue Service nationally is facing a large number of high hassle, multiple implementation, critical time scale projects within strictly cash limited budgets. IPDS, IRMP, rank to role, regionalisation, cultural change, new dimensions and changes to pay and pensions are just a few of the significant 'modernisation' issues that are exercising the minds of the Fire Service nationally. The question that is in many people's minds is how can we make sure that these projects are implemented to the benefit of our communities and that our staff 'content themselves with that.'

I suggest that these projects together present many services with radical change, core to organisational survival (2) and that these changes influence and in turn are influenced by the:

* External Environment: the impact of external factors such as economic conditions, changing markets and political interventions

* Mission and Strategy: a reconfiguration of the central purpose of the Fire Service and how the Service intends to achieve that purpose over time

* Leadership: new forms of management and executive behaviour that provide changes in direction and encouragement for others to take action. …

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