Do unto others? Crisis of Crown immunity: at a time of unprecedented change in the way fire and rescue services in the UK operate and manage fire risk, there appears to be a broad consensus that the time is right to resolve a controversial issue that has dogged the Service and other enforcers of safety legislation for decades--Crown immunity.(Crown Immunity)

Despite the lingering echoes of the second national fire dispute, unity appears to exist between the Government, CACFOA and the Fire Brigades Union, recognising the need for the removal of Crown immunity in the and other safety legislation.

Glyn Evans of the FBU said that the main issue was one of differing standards of behaviour with Crown employers "using Crown immunity to shield themselves from prosecution while imposing that same law upon others."

The Government is cognisant of the problems with having double standards which excludes a large employment sector from safety legislation. In Revitalising Health and Safety published in 2000, the Government stated that it would 'seek a legislative opportunity, when Parliamentary time allows, to remove Crown immunity from statutory health and safety enforcement'. Unfortunately, according to Glyn Evans, despite the Government not being happy with the situation, they are "not happy to do anything about it".

Crown employers, who are protected by Crown immunity include Government departments, Next Steps agencies and other departments sponsored by Government departments. …

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