Facepiece fit testing.(Protecting The Firefighter)

In November 2002, a revised COSHH Approved Code of Practice was released in the UK. One of the more significant changes was the requirement that all workers who wear a tight fitting-respirator be tested to ensure that the facepiece being used can seal properly to that individual worker's face. Here, the reasons behind the tests and the methodology is explored

One question often heard from firefighters is: "Why do we have to lit test breathing apparatus? Isn't the face seal leakage always outwards due to tire positive pressure?" The answer is that lace seal leakage is not always from the inside out When HSE researched this issue they found scientific studies showing inward leakage under certain circumstances such as very heavy exertion. This combined with the fact that tire fighters must function in extremely hazardous environments led HSE to conclude that even very small leaks are capable of causing unacceptable exposures. …

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