Keeping a close eye on fire: following the growing wave of arson attacks, a leading industry expert looks at the critical role that the latest remote monitoring technology and video smoke detection can play in the protection of commercial, industrial and public sector buildings.(Active Protection)

Sadly, the reality is that in many areas of the UK, arson accounts for a worryingly high proportion of fires, in some locations this can amount to up to 70 per cent of all incidents, causing tens of millions of pounds worth of damage and disruption to businesses every year.

Fortunately, technological advances, particularly in the last ten years, now mean that protection against the threat of criminal attack, and specifically in this case arson, can be provided by remotely monitored CCTV--24 hours a day. This is especially important when a location is unmanned overnight or at weekends with effective cover needing to be maintained. It is also a practical method of monitoring an extensive site where other methods such as manned guarding would simply not be an economic proposition.


Crucially, it is in the detection of unauthorised and potentially malicious intruders at the earliest stage when they first seek to gain access to a site where remote monitoring such as that delivered by RemGuard really comes into its own.

Using conventional alarms, a fire may take hold before effective action can be taken. There is little doubt that the resources of the fire brigades across the UK were stretched by a doubling of the number of malicious primary fires they were called to attend during the 1990s, so anything that can prevent them happening in the first place must surely be welcome. …

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