Concern over fire door safety: the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) has launched a campaign to highlight the importance of using compatible components when installing fire doors, as many installers are not fitting with compatible components leading to potential failure in the event of a fire.(BWF Campaign)

The campaign targets those who install, sell or specify fire doors, and will reinforce the progress made by the BWFCertifire Fire Door and Doorset Scheme in establishing the credibility of independently tested and certificated fire doors.

Recent research undertaken by the BWF has confirmed that many in the construction in dustry still do not understand that a fire door is tested complete and installed, and that if the installation is not replicated with properly compatible components such as hinges, intumescent fire seal and ironmongery, it is by no means certain that the door could be relied upon in a fire.

John Hedgecock, BWF Technical Manager, pointed out: "Fire remains the single most destructive force to which a property and its occupants are vulnerable and we believe that a very high proportion of people in the construction industry still do not appreciate what is required to counter the risks. …

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