First principal officer to install sprinklers in home: ACO Vijith Randeniya, West Midlands Fire Service, recently completed the installation of a full residential sprinkler system in his home. On his return from fighting a fire in an unsprinklered school in birmingham he spoke to fire about his reasons for installing sprinklers.(Active protection: sprinklers)

ACO Randeniya named his reasons for installing the sprinkler system as "Why wouldn't I?", he also noted that it was a way to protect the investment he has made in his house. Moreover in his professional capacity he believes in a "Do as we do" approach to leadership.

The DD251-compliant system, comprising Viking sprinkler heads--chosen for their inobtrusive low profile--new pipework through out the house and fed by a 1,000 litre water tank, has more than 28 heads, ensuring protection in all rooms and extra protection for stairs and hallways.

Describing the installation as "walking the talk" ACO Randeniya is intent on using the installation to promote the debate on sprinklers, and market sprinklers as a concept. …

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