25 years ago.(Looking Back)(Brief Article)


* The leader called for some action to investigate the stresses and strains on firemen. LFB had started its own tests, monitoring the health of a sample and reassessing them 12 months later. At this time American figures were examining their 134 deaths during the previous year and the results showed that heart attack and stress were responsible for nearly half the deaths.

* Cheshire FB illustrated its new CU, with a body of double skinned alloy sheeting with a polystyrene infill, Dymar walkie-talkie, Pye Whitehall multi-channel radio and a conference room.

* CLASP and SCOLA buildings were still giving trouble--this time it was the Highfield Comprehensive School, Felling, Tyne and Wear where fire developed unchecked along corridors and across barrier walls, where there was no effective fire stopping above the ceiling. …

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